Welcome to the Massillon Police Special Investigations Unit

Det. Jason Greenfield is the supervisor in charge of this unit.
Office: 330-830-2582

Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is responsible for investigating the following
Vice Offenses.

Ø Illegal Drug usage and sales
Ø Gambling
Ø Illegal Alcohol sales
Ø Prostitution
Ø Other vice miscellaneous crimes

Many of the investigations into these crimes are initiated from citizen complaints, patrol information, surveillance and confidential informants. Effective investigations into some of these criminal activities are long term and often involve activity that continues outside of Massillon’s boundaries.

Because of the varied nature of these crimes and the resources needed to effectively investigate this activity, the Massillon SIU works very closely with many other law enforcement agencies, including county, state and federal agencies to combat these crimes.

The SIU obtains and executes search warrants, pursues criminal charges and utilizes
asset forfeitures as tools in fighting these crimes, which often have ties and involvement in Organized Crime. When economic criminal conspiracies are involved, cases can be pursued as Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organizations (RICO).

Our citizens should know that many of our cases are started because of a citizen tip. Please call or email us with any knowledge or suspicion of criminal activity. Your information is totally confidential. We need your assistance and partnership in fighting against these crimes.

We are here to serve you!

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