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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I see police car’s running lights and sirens, go through red lights, and then all of a sudden, they turn the lights off and don’t appear to be going anywhere, and are no longer in a hurry?
A. In most cases if there is an emergency call, several officers are responding to the call. Officers are trained to advise the status of the call upon their arrival. The officer that you observed most likely received radio traffic to slow it down or not to respond because the situation was under control. This is information relayed by officers who arrived first to the call.

Q. What is the curfew in Massillon?
A.Children 14 years of age or under will not be on any City street after 10PM Sunday through Thursday and 11PM on Friday and Saturday without their parent or guardian. Children 15-17 years of age shall not be on any City street after 10PM on school days without a parent or guardian. For ages 15-17 years of age, they must be off of the City streets before midnight on non-school days unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. When school is not in session over the summer, children ages 15-17 must be off City streets by 11PM Monday through Thursday and midnight Friday through Sunday without a parent or guardian.

Q. Are Massillon Police Officers allowed having a discount on food or drinks?
A.. No. Massillon Officers are ordered to pay the full amount just like anyone else. Any known violations to this order should be forwarded to the Chief or the Professional Standards Bureau.

Q. Why do I see Massillon Officers apparently working at restaurants, stores, while in uniform?
A. Massillon Officers are allowed to work approved extra jobs. They are being paid by that entity for their service and do have full police powers.
Q. If I want to make a complaint on an officer, what do I do?
A. Go to our Professional Standards Page for information.

Q. I am interested in becoming a Massillon Officer, what do I do?
A. All Massillon Police Officers are hired through Civil Service Testing. Contact our Civil Service office for testing information, 330-830-1763, or go to our links page to their website.

Q. I am interested in a part-time position as a police officer, what do I do?
A. All Massillon Police Officers are full-time. We do not have any part-time paid positions on our department. At the present time, we do not have any Uniformed Auxiliary Officers.

Q. I need fingerprints and a local records check, what do I do?
A. Go to our Records Office page for information.

Q. I am having trouble contacting a particular police officer, what should I do?
A. Go to our Contact Us page and look for the appropriate supervisor information, also go to the Organizational Chart to find out who is the appropriate supervisor in the Chain of Command.

Q. I am not happy with the service that I received, and I have spoken to the Chief of Police, now where do I go?
A. The City’s Safety Service Director is in charge of all Safety Forces. 330-830-1702


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