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Welcome to the Massillon Police Department Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is under the supervision of Det. Sgt. Paul Covert.

Sgt. Paul Covert

Four other Detectives are assigned under Det. Sgt. Paul Covert. The Detective Bureau
primarily conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations on criminal offenses
usually forwarded by the Patrol Division. Our Detectives have specialized training in the gathering of physical evidence, interviews and other techniques that lead to the identification, apprehension, prosecution and conviction of criminal offenders.

Our Detective Bureau employs some of the most highly trained and effective Investigators in the area of Child Sexual Abuse, with Detective Bobby Grizzard leading the fight against these predatory criminals.

Our Detectives are trained in all aspects of investigations and investigate all major crimes, ranging from homicides, felonious assaults, aggravated robberies, sexual assaults and all other felonies.

In most instances, a Patrol Officer will be the first to respond to a call, take the initial report, and make the determination if a Detective should immediately respond to the scene. The Bureau Supervisor reviews the event and assigns a Detective to the case, if a further follow up is needed.

The Detective Bureau primarily works days, but a Detective is always on call.

If you have information about a crime, please contact Det. Sgt. Paul Covert by phone or by email. All information is kept confidential.

Massillon PD TIPLINE - 330-830-1744
Persons may call this telephone number to give information about a case, or to report criminal activity.  Persons can do so anonymously or leave their name and telephone number if they want an officer to contact them.

We are here to serve you!


SEE THE CONTACT US PAGE for contact information for all of the Detectives.

Det. Sgt. Paul Covert
Office: 330-830-1751

Ken Hendricks
Ken Hendricks
Office: 330-830-1749

Tom Solinger
Tom Solinger

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