Keith A. Dylewski, P.E., P.S.
Keith Dylewski
City Engineer

Office: Municipal Government Annex
City Administration Building
151 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, Ohio 44646

Phone: (330) 830-1722
Fax: (330) 830-1786


Mission Statement 

The City of Massillon Engineering Department provides well-organized, and cost effective municipal engineering services to the citizens of Massillon, as well as other Departments of the City. We concentrate our efforts on designing/planning, advising, administering, and overseeing all public works improvements and subdivision developments with the aim of providing these services within the project budget and timeframe while protecting the public health, safety, and welfare. 

Basic Engineering Services

The Engineering Department provides mapping, design services, and contract administration for municipal public works projects.  These activities include roadways, bridges, sanitary and storm sewers, storm water management and other civil engineering projects funded in the City's Capital Improvement Program, as well as any engineering work needed for other city departments. 

The department manages and administers the resurfacing program for streets, sanitary, and storm sewer construction, surveying for municipal projects and traffic engineering. 

Administration of the Subdivision and Site Plan Regulations, preparation and review of flood plain studies, and State regulated sanitary and storm sewer regulations.  

The department maintains records of sanitary sewer laterals, subdivisions, roadways, bridges and house numbers. All public right of way improvements, privately or publicly constructed, are inspected by this department.

Other services provided by the Department: 

Official City maps, assignment of street addresses, verification of addresses, issuance of driveway permits, event/street closing permits, and sanitary permitting. A Fee Schedule is available which outlines fees associated with the Engineering Department functions.


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